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How to Change My SASSA Banking Details ?

To update your banking details on the SASSA SRD website, go to and select the “Change Banking Details” section. Enter your South African ID number. Once submitted, you’ll receive an SMS containing the link to update your SASSA banking details. Simply open the link from the SMS and follow the provided instructions to complete the process.

Afte confirmation that your banking details have changed, you can proceed to check your status again here

Check SASSA Status

How to Change Banking Details SASSA

  • Enter your South African ID number in the given box.
  • You’ll receive an SMS containing an OTP on the cellphone number you used for the application.
  • Enter the received 6-digit OTP number and click on the “Verify Pin” button.
  • Once verified you will receive another message containing a secure link.
  • Click the secure link and carefully follow the instructions provided to successfully change your bank details.
  • If you have a Personal Bank account, you’ll allow to:
  • Choose Bank Name
  • Provide Account Number
  • Provide Branch Code
  • Provide Account Type
  • Agree to Terms and Conditions
  • Submit Updated Banking Details
  • If you have no Personal Bank account, you can;
  • Choose Payment option- Cash Send; that can be Pick n Pay, Moya App, Boxer, Shoprite, Checkers, or Usave.
  • Agree to Terms and Conditions
  • Submit Your Updated Banking Details
  • Once you’ve submitted the updated bank details, SASSA will verify your new payment method and future payments will be made accordingly.

SASSA Change Banking Details for R350 Step By Step Guide

SASSA Change Banking Details

1. Visit the Official SASSA Website

To initiate the change SASSA bank details process, go to the SASSA website

2. Submit your ID number

On the website, locate the designated box provided for ID Number submission. Enter your ID Number accurately and double-check for any errors.

3. Receive a secure link via SMS

After entering your ID number, a secure verification message containing a unique link will be sent to your registered mobile phone number.

4. Click on the secure link to continue process to SASSA Change bank details

For secure updates, access the link in your SMS and follow the provided instructions to Change Banking Details SASSA

5. Verify bank account ownership

If you opt to receive payments into a bank account, ensure that the account belongs to you. SASSA strictly prohibits payments into accounts owned by another individual.

6. Verify mobile phone ownership to complete the process to SASSA Change bank details R350

For those choosing the money transfer option via major banks, confirm that the mobile phone number receiving the SMS is registered in your name. SASSA does not transfer grants to phone numbers registered to another person.

7. Note future payment usage

Understand that the updated banking details will only be used for future payments, following verification.

What does the status “Bank details pending ” in Sassa mean

When SASSA’s status check shows “Bank details pending,” it means that the grant application processing is waiting for the submission or verification of the applicant’s bank details. This indicates that the next steps in the payment process involve confirming and completing the banking information.

How long does SASSA take to verify banking details?

After updating your bank information, please note that SASSA requires time to verify these changes. Typically, this process takes around 7 to 10 working days. During this period, SASSA cross-references the new bank details with the beneficiary’s information to ensure accuracy.