SASSA Status Check Online | SRD Status Check for R350

The SASSA Status Check portal lets applicants view their grant payment status, SRD balance status, SRD Status Check, and pending application status. Monitoring your 350 status check ensures you receive approved benefits on time. Stay informed by checking your status online for convenience and peace of mind.

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How to Check Sassa Status Online

Checking your SASSA status online is a straightforward process. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Enter Your South African ID Card Number
  • Enter Your Register Mobile Number
  • Click on Check Status Button

Follow these straightforward steps on our website to easily check your SASSA status online and stay updated on the progress of your financial support application.

Sassa Status Check for R350 Payment Dates 2024-2025

If you are an applicant for the Sassa R350 grant and want to know the payment dates and when you will get your payment, then you can check them below.

SASSA Status Check

Note the following SASSA payment dates for 2024 and 2025. Each SASSA grant has a different payment date. You need to be ready on that payment date to collect your grant money.

Grant MonthOlder Persons GrantDisability GrantChildrens Grant
March – 202405-03-2406-03-2407-03-24
April – 202403-04-2404-04-2405-04-24
May -202403-05-2406-05-2407-05-24
June – 202404-06-2405-06-2406-06-24
July – 202402-07-2403-07-2404-78-24
August – 202402-08-2405-08-2406-08-24
September – 202403-09-2404-09-2405-09-24
October – 202402-10-2403-10-2404-10-24
November – 202405-11-2406-11-2407-11-24
December – 202403-12-2404-12-2405-12-24
January -202503-01-2506-01-2507-01-25
Feburary – 202504-02-2505/02/2506/02/25
March -202504-03-2505-03-2506-03-25

Qualifying criteria

  • A South African Citizen, Permanent Resident or Refugee registered on the Home Affairs database and persons who are holders of special permits under the Special Angolan Dispensation, the Lesotho Exemption Permit dispensation and the Zimbabwe Exemption Permit Dispensation, and asylum seekers whose section 22 permits or visas are valid or were valid on 15 March 2020;
  • Currently residing within the borders of the Republic of South Africa;
  • Above the age of 18 and below the age of 60;
  • Unemployed;
  • Not receiving any social grant in respect of himself or herself;
  • Not receiving an unemployment insurance benefit and does not qualify to receive an unemployment insurance benefit;
  • Not receiving a stipend from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme and other financial aid;
  • Not receiving any other government COVID-19 response support.

Requirements for SRD R350 Grant Application 2024

Apply for SRD grant and get R350 payment for three continuous months. If you are eligible for the Social SRD COVID-19 grant, then you can apply online now.

SRD grant is a financial assistance for millions of South African citizens. All the unemployed and poor people should appeal for this grant. Before you head over the application process, there are certain things that you will need to prepare first.

  • Strong, fast, and fully stable internet connection.
  • A high-end device like a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.
  • Supported Browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari).
  • JavaScript and cookies must be enabled in the browser.
  • Allow pop-ups in browser settings.
  • Allow Document Scanning/Upload.
  • Email address
  • Phone number.
  • ID card and other ID documents.

SASSA SRD R350 Grant Application Online in 2024

One of the easiest means to apply for R350 social payment grant is using the internet. In this way, the applicant does not need to leave the home and visit the SASSA service center in person. So let’s start the procedure now:

1) Enter Phone Number:

Start with the phone number that you need to enter inside the SASSA application form. Enter the phone number that is in your name and accessible 24/7 for you.

2) Get OTP (One Time Password):

Wait for the arrival of OTP SMS on your mobile number. Enter this secret code on the web portal to start the next steps of registration for your grant.

3) Add Personal Information:

Applicant has to provide personal details like name, surname, date of birth, email address, and status of citizenship.

4) Add Banking Details:

One should have a bank account to get the grant payments. Now add your banking details in the SASSA registration form.

5) Upload the Copies of ID Documents:

The final step is to upload scanned copies of your ID documents such as your ID card or passport.

6) Submit Application:

Once you have added all the details and documents, you should proofread all the information before submitting it. Carefully read all the details and then you can submit the application online.

7) Keep Checking SASSA Status Regularly:

After the application submission, all the applicants are advised to keep checking their SASSA’s status every day to stay informed of their grant approval.

SASSA Grant Application Statuses

Understanding different SASSA grant application statuses is crucial to know where your application stands.

Pending Application Status

Applications are initially marked as pending, indicating that they are under SASSA’s review and processing.

The duration of this status depends on:

  • The type of grant applied for
  • Completeness of the application
  • SASSA’s current processing workload

During this period, it’s advised to keep an eye out for any status updates.

Application Approved Status

An approved status means your application for a SASSA grant has been accepted and you will receive the funds accordingly.

Notifications of approval are typically communicated via SMS, email, or letter, after which you can choose your preferred payment method.

Declined Application Status

If your application is declined, it indicates a rejection of your grant request, usually with specified reasons.

In case of disagreement with this decision, an appeal can be made within 30 days of receiving the notification.

Status Under Review

When your application status is ‘under review’, it suggests that SASSA is seeking additional information to finalize your grant request.

Be sure to provide any requested documents promptly to avoid delays in the application process.

Status On Hold

An application marked as ‘on hold’ typically signifies a pause in processing due to issues like incomplete forms or missing documentation. SASSA will inform you of the specific reason for this status.

Resolving these issues quickly will help your application move forward in the review process.

Cancelled Application Status

A ‘cancelled’ status means that your application process has been entirely stopped, possibly due to reasons such as application withdrawal, missing documents, or non-compliance with eligibility criteria.

If your application was wrongly cancelled, you may appeal the decision within a specific timeframe.

Online Verification at

The most direct way to check your status is through SASSA’s dedicated SRD website. Here’s how:

  • Navigate to
  • Enter your mobile number to receive a one-time OTP passcode or status PIN via SMS.
  • Use this code on the website to view your current application status, which will indicate if it’s approved, under review, or rejected.

This website provides a convenient 24/7 option for status checks.

Appeal for SASSA SRD Application or Payment Status

SASSA has the right to reject any grant application without any prior notice. However, if your SRD grant is disapproved then you can appeal the SASSA decision to the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA) within the 3 months after the rejection.

For SASSA appeal status and application, you need to perform this process:

  1. Open the ITSAA website at
  2. Click on the “My Right to Appeal The COVID-19 SRD” option.
  3. Appellants have to accept the clauses of consent documents and declarations.
  4. Now click on the “Lodge appeal” button.
  5. Input your SASSA SRD grant application ID.
  6. Get a PIN on your phone to verify your application status.
  7. Submit the appeal for the COVID-19 SRD grant.

Sassa SRD Status Check for R350 Grant Payment

There are three approaches you can take if you want to perform an SASSA status check.

After submitting your Sassa R350 grant application, you must check for Sassa R350 status on a regular basis to determine whether you are an approved applicant.

The payment date is changing so you need to check regularly.

So here are the three methods that you can choose for knowing your SASSA status.

Understand SASSA SRD Payments Methods

SASSA uses various methods to distribute the R350 grant payments:

  • Direct Bank Deposits: If you provided your bank account details during the application process, payments will be deposited straight into your account.
  • Cash Send: SASSA partners with certain banks allowing for cash withdrawals without a bank card. You’ll receive an SMS with a voucher when your payment is available.
  • Post Office: If you don’t have a bank account, you can collect your grant at a designated South African Post Office branch.
  • Retail Outlets: SASSA partners with a selection of supermarkets (like Pick n Pay, Boxer, Shoprite, etc.). You can collect your grant at a till point if you selected this option

Check SASSA Status Via Website

This is one of the best and simplest methods for determining your SASSA R350 status. In fact, you are already using this method because you are reading this guide.

So, how do you check your SASSA status? Here are the steps to applying for a grant and checking the status of your application:

SASSA Status Check

  1. Visit the Sassa SRD website
  2. Enter your mobile number inside the box.
  3. Click on “Send SMS”.
  4. You will receive an SMS with OTP or Sassa status PIN.
  5. Enter your one-time password to get your SASSA status.

Please keep this in mind. Authorities have not specified a payment date. You will, however, receive your grant money.

SRD Sassa Status Check on Moya App

Applicants can also check their Social Relief of Distress grant status online. They can make use of smartphone apps such as the Moya App.

Sassa Status Check on Moya App

  1. Install the Moya App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your smartphone.
  2. Open the Moya app and tap on the “Discovery” option.
  3. Now open the link “Application Status”.
  4. Here you need to enter your Sassa ID number and phone number.
  5. Now you will be redirected to the new page where your Sassa status will be available to check.

SASSA Status Check Via WhatsApp

The second way to check your SRD grant is to use your WhatsApp account through SASSA Whatsapp number. This method is also quite simple.

The following are the steps you must take:

SASSA Status Check Via WhatsApp

  1. Type “082 046 8553” and save this number as “SASSA status check”.
  2. Now open your WhatsApp account.
  3. Head over to create a new chat option to create a new conversation.
  4. Choose “SASSA status check” as the contact to start a chat.
  5. Now type your name, surname, and South African ID number in the message and send it.
  6. Now you will get your social grant status.

Check SRD R350 Grant Application Status Via Phone Call

A phone call is the third and final method for checking the SRD grant application status. Simply follow these steps:

sassa status check

  • Start your phone dialer.
  • Dial 080 060 1011.
  • Provide your ID number to learn the status of your application.
  • So these are the three methods for checking the Sassa status, and each applicant can select one of them to check the social relief grant application status.

Meanings of SASSA Grant Results

If you are unfamiliar with the Sassa status meanings, consult the table below.

Sassa Grant StatusResult Meanings
Sassa Status PendingThis result means that your application is in progress or verification process.
Sassa Status DeclinedThis means that your Sassa application has been rejected for a variety of reasons.
Identity Verification FailedThis status indicates that your identity information did not match what was found in the DHA (Department of Home Affairs) database.
Bank Details PendingThis result indicates that your application has been approved, but you must provide banking information in order to receive your grant payment.
Reapplication PendingAccording to the findings, the beneficiary did not reapply.
Application ApprovedAs a result, your Sassa R350 application has been approved during the reapplication process. You will now receive your money.
Period ApprovedThis status indicates that your application has been approved for the period, and you will receive your Sassa payment shortly.
Period DeclinedYour application has been denied for this month only, and you will receive your payment in the following month.
Period PendingYour application has been received, but Sassa will verify it, which is currently pending.
Status CancelledYour Sassa application has been canceled. If you need to reinstate your payment, file an appeal right away.

What if I Have Issues with SASSA SRD Payments?

If you’re experiencing delays or haven’t received a payment you believe you’re entitled to, follow these steps:

  1. Check Your Status: Ensure your application is still approved using the methods explained earlier.
  2. Verify Payment Method: Double-check the payment method you selected during your application.
  3. Contact SASSA: Call the SASSA toll-free number (0800 60 10 11) or send a message via WhatsApp (082 046 8553) for assistance.

Apply for the COVID-19 Special Social Relief of Distress Grant

Here are a few steps to apply for a special COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress grant.

Step: 1 SASSA Online Application through the SRD Website

This is a very simple method that you can employ. So, let’s take a look at how you can apply through the official SASSA website.

  • Go to Google in your web browser.
  • Now, in the search bar, type “”.
  • Launch the first website.
  • Now enter your ID number as well as your phone number.
  • After entering the cellular phone number, click the “Send SMS” button.
  • You will be sent a 6-digit OTP, which you must enter again on the website.
  • Now, click the PIN verification button.

SASSA Online Application through Whatsapp

The Second way to get registration with the SASSA financial assistance is to use a WhatsApp.

  • Launch the WhatsApp app.
  • Send an email to “082 046 8553”.
  • You will now be given some prompts to follow.
  • Provide personal information such as your name, address, income, and social security benefits.
  • You’ll now be given a reference number, a clickable URL, and an OTP.
  • You must go to that URL and enter your OTP there.
  • You must also supply your ID number and surname.

SASSA Online Application through Chatbot

The third option for obtaining SASSA financial assistance is to use a chatbot.

  • Open your web browser.
  • Enter “” into the web address bar.
  • Now, select the “SASSA R350 Grant assistance chatbox” option.
  • Enter your phone number and ID number.
  • Now select “I want to apply for SRD R350 grant.”
  • The chatbot will send you a website link to which you must adhere.

How to Collect the SASSA Grant Payment?

If your grant application is approved and you want to know how to collect grant payments, here are your options. The applicant can obtain grant funds from:

  • Post Office branches (SAPO/Post Bank).
  • Bank Mobile Money Transfer.
  • Boxer Stores.
  • Pick-N-Pay.
  • Cash Send.

Sassa Grant Types

SASSA is an abbreviation for South African Social Security Agency. They are providing a social grant to people who are impoverished. They meet basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter. The following are the main types of Sassa grants:

  1. Social Relief of Distress SRD R350 Grant
  2. Care Dependency
  3. Foster Child
  4. Child Support Grant
  5. War Veterans
  6. Disability Grant
  7. Older person’s Grant
  8. Grant-in-Aid

SASSA Support Center

Contact SASSA directly with the help of SASSA contact details. Call the helpline number or email SASSA directly. We have listed all the SASSA support and contact information below.

  • WhatsApp Number: 082 046 8553
  • SASSA Call Center: 080060 10 11
  • Email Address:
  • Head Office Address: 501 Pretorius St, Arcadia, Pretoria, 0007.

SASSA Office Operating Hours

If you are willing to visit the SASSA branches then you should know the operational hours of all the branches.

  • Opening Time: 07:30 AM to 08:00 AM (Mon-Fri)
  • Closing Time: 04:30 PM to 05:00 PM (Mon-Fri)


How to check Sassa SRD R350 payment status?

You can check Sassa SRD status using your ID number and phone number on the official Sassa website.

What is the Sassa status check for R350?

Sassa Grant is financial assistance for all the unemployed people in South Africa.

How do I check my Sassa status on Govchat?

You need to visit the GovChat application or website, enter your ID number and phone number and check your SRD status.

Can I check the SASSA R350 payment status?

Yes, you can do so. Can I check the status of my SASSA R350 grant payment? You must go to the Sassa website and enter your Sassa account information.

How to track a SASSA status check?

To check the SASSA status online, go to the SRD website, enter your phone number, and enter the OTP.

When is the official SASSA recently released statement?

The SASSA recently issued a statement regarding new payment dates. The pending payment will be sent soon.

How to apply for a South African Sassa Agency grant?

Check to see if you passed Sassa’s mean test. After that, go to the “Sassa’s status check” section of the official Sassa website. Check the status as well as the balance here.

When will I get Sassa’s status approval?

Sassa application status approval takes 90 days. Applicants should check Sassa’s status check website on a regular basis for updates.

How to use the Sassa online portal service?

The Sassa website or online portal is a page where applicants can submit an application for the SASSA status check page SRD r350 grant. To use this service, go to the portal and enter your ID number and phone number.

Why is Sassa’s status saying “Bank details pending’?

The pending bank details indicate that you have not yet added any bank account information in order to receive your Sassa grant.

How can I apply for the SRD R350 grant using the SASSA WhatsApp service?

Save the SASSA WhatsApp number (0820468553), open a chat, send ‘SASSA,’ and follow prompts to complete the SRD R350 application

Why am I not receiving my SASSA OTP code?

Common reasons include an incorrect mobile number, network issues, technical glitches, or errors in the application. Checking these factors can help resolve OTP delivery problems.

What is SASSA Status Check?

SASSA status check is a process to verify the approval of SASSA grants. This will indicate if an applicant has been approved, rejected, or failed for the grant money.

How to do Social Relief Grant Status Check?

The easiest option to confirm your SASSA position is to visit the online SASSA website. Enter your ID and other details and get position of your grant approval.

What is Moya App SASSA Status?

Users can use the Moya App to validate their SASSA application progress.

How to Check 350 Appeals Status Check Balance?

350 appeal status check balance is available on official SASSA website. Visit the blog and perform your appeal check online.

What is the Method to 350 Confirm Existing Application?

The method to 35 confirm existing application is to visit the nearest branch of the South African Social Security Agency provide your ID details and ask for pending status.

Can I Check SASSA Status On WhatsApp?

Yes, dial 082 046 8553 from your mobile phone and save the number as “SASSA Status”. Now send a WhatsApp message to this contact to do a grant situation inquiry on WhatsApp.

How to Use GovChat for SASSA Status Verification?

Install the GovChat app from the app store. Now open the app and find the “SRD Grant” option. Add your Identity Number and cell phone number. Now examine SASSA situation.

Who Can Verify the SASSA Payment Status?

Anyone can verify SRD SASSA status via website.

How Can I Track SASSA Status Check?

You can track your SASSA status check via the official website, phone call, or through the office.

What is the R350 Payment Schedule for 2024?

The payment dates for 2024 are mentioned on this webpage, please check there.

Why I Can Not Verify My SASSA Grant Application Approval?

If your status is pending or bank details pending, then you need to update these details before you verify your approval.

Why SASSA Website for Application Status is Down?

Due to the burden on the server, the Status check website is down.