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NSFAS Allowance Payments Schedule Per Institution

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) plays a crucial role in supporting financially disadvantaged students in South Africa. By providing allowances for various needs, including accommodation, food, books, and transportation, NSFAS ensures that students can focus on their studies without the burden of financial stress. However, the disbursement of these allowances can vary significantly depending on the institution. This article outlines the typical NSFAS allowance payment schedule per institution, helping students and stakeholders understand what to expect.

Directive for On-Time NSFAS Allowance Payments

For students to receive their NSFAS allowance payments on schedule, NSFAS has established clear guidelines. The 2024 academic year’s direct payments are expected to begin in April, with the universities paying out the benefits for February and March.

To ensure that no student suffers during this transition, a two-month window for payments controlled by the school is meant to fill the gap until the new direct NSFAS allowance payment mechanisms are live. Professor Van Staden highlights that there is no space for alterations to the plan because this structure is intended to meet the difficulties encountered at the beginning of the academic year.

Understanding NSFAS Allowances

NSFAS allowances are designed to cover several essential expenses:

  1. Accommodation: For students living away from home.
  2. Transport: For students commuting to their institutions.
  3. Personal Care: Basic necessities for personal upkeep.
  4. Books and Learning Materials: To purchase textbooks and other educational resources.

NSFAS Allowance Payments Schedules Per Institution

University NameAllowance Payment Commitment Date
Cape Peninsula University of Technology29-Feb and will continue to make payment this week
Central University of Technology02 March 2024
Durban University of Technology29 February 2024
Mangosuthu University of TechnologyLoading registration data
Nelson Mandela University01 March 2024
North-West University01 March 2024
Rhodes University28 February 2024
Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences UniversityMarch 4, 2024
Sol Plaatje University26 February 2024
Tshwane University of TechnologyMarch 4,2024
University of Cape Town17 -26 February & 01 March
University of Fort Hare26 February 2024
University of Johannesburg07 March 2024
University of Kwa Zulu NatalMarch 8, 2024
University of Limpopo26 February 2024
University of Mpumalanga01 March 2024
University of Pretoria04 March 2024
University of South Africa04 March 2024
University of Stellenbosch29 February and 01 March
University of the Western Cape23 February & 01 March
University of the Witwatersrand01 March 2024
University of Venda26 February 2024
University of Zululand01 March 2024
Vaal University of TechnologyNSFAS is engaging with the Institution

Upfront Payments to Alleviate Registration Pressures

In order to alleviate the financial strain and guarantee that students can commence their academic year without any hindrance. NSFAS has provided universities with two substantial upfront payments. In January 2024 So, the first payment was issued, totaling R2.8 billion for universities and R580,150,950 for TVET colleges.

The principal purpose of these NSFAS allowance payments was to pay for one month’s worth of lodging expenses as well as book allowances. Which are computed at half the cost of the prior year. Firstly Two months’ worth of allowances were made available for medical students, demonstrating NSFAS’s consideration for the various academic schedules in various subject areas.

The second upfront payment covered housing allowances for March 2024 as well as the second half of the book allowance. Which was calculated using the expenses of the 2023 academic year. So, This early approach made sure that institutions had enough money to start awarding allowances the last week of February 2024, in addition to making the registration process go more smoothly.

How to Stay Informed

Students should stay informed about their specific institution’s NSFAS payment schedule by:

  1. Checking Official Communications: Regularly check emails and official announcements from the institution.
  2. Firstly Visiting the Financial Aid Office: Direct inquiries to the financial aid office for the most accurate and updated information.
  3. Lastly Consulting the NSFAS Portal: The NSFAS online portal provides general information and updates regarding allowances and disbursements.


Understanding the NSFAS allowance payment schedule is essential for students to manage their finances effectively. While there is a general structure to these payments, each institution may have slight variations. By staying informed and proactive, students can ensure they receive their allowances on time, supporting their educational journey.

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