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Transfer Money from SASSA Card to Capitec

In order to avoid having to visit the post office, the South African Social Security Agency, or SASSA, advises all recipients of social grants and SRD R350 to link their bank accounts. You have the ability to move money from your SASSA card to your bank account using either a Standard Bank account or a capitec bank account.

Transferring money from an SASSA card to Capitec is an easy process that takes only a minute. To transfer your R350 social relief grant payment method from an SASSA card to a bank account, you must complete the SASSA banking details form.

Follow these easy steps to transfer funds from your Sassa card to Capitec account.

  • Verify that your Sassa card is currently active.
  • Your branch code, account type, and account number are all included in your Capitec account details.

Method 1 Transfer Money from SASSA Card to Capitec

It is easy to switch the SRD R350 SASSA payment method from a gold card to a bank account. Through these steps, the same process is followed for all other social grants, such as those for children, the elderly, care dependents, disabilities, and more.

  1. Visit the SASSA Change Banking Details page.
  2. Complete the SASSA banking details form online.
  3. Provide your 13-digit South African Identity Number and your cell phone number.
  4. Enter the 6-digit OTP number sent to your phone and click ‘Verify Pin.’
  5. Ensure you enter the correct details for your Capitec Bank account including.
    • Capitec Bank Account Number
    • Capitec Bank Branch Code
    • Capitec Bank Account Type
  6. Submit your form to complete your request to Transfer Money from the SASSA card to Capitec.

Method 2 Transfer Money from SASSA Card to Capitec

Accessing Your SASSA Card:

  • Log in to your SASSA account or visit a SASSA office to check your balance and ensure sufficient funds are available for the transfer.

Locate Capitec Bank:

  • Identify the nearest Capitec branch or use their digital banking services, such as the Capitec app or website.

Initiate the Transfer:

  • Depending on your preference and accessibility, you can transfer funds from your SASSA card to your Capitec account using:
    • Online Banking: Log in to your Capitec account online and navigate to the transfer funds section. Enter your SASSA card details and the amount you wish to transfer.
    • Capitec App: Download the Capitec app from your mobile device’s app store. Log in and follow the prompts to transfer funds. Input your SASSA card details and the desired transfer amount.
    • Capitec Branch: Visit a nearby Capitec branch with your SASSA card and Capitec account details. Speak to a consultant who will assist you in transferring the funds.

Confirm the Transfer:

  • Double-check all details entered before confirming the transfer. Ensure the correct amount is specified and verify that the transaction details match your SASSA card and Capitec account information.

Completion and Confirmation:

  • Once the transfer is successful, you will receive a confirmation message via SMS or email, depending on your selected communication preferences.

Following this procedure, your payments will be sent by SASSA to your Capitec bank account rather than to your SASSA card. You will be able to receive SASSA funds directly into your Capitec bank account thanks to this modification in the payment method. You can start receiving future payments through your Capitec bank account as of the following payment cycle.


Transferring funds from your SASSA card to a Capitec bank account is made simple with SASSA’s online banking details form and Capitec’s convenient digital services. By updating your payment method, you ensure quicker access to social grants, including the SRD R350, directly into your Capitec account. Whether through online banking, the Capitec app, or visiting a branch, these steps empower recipients to manage their finances efficiently and securely. This streamlined process not only enhances accessibility but also ensures timely receipt of payments, improving financial inclusion and convenience for SASSA beneficiaries across South Africa.

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