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How to SASSA Status Check Failed

Seeing a “Failed” message on your SASSA status check can be frustrating and confusing. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Many applicants encounter this issue, and fortunately, there are ways to understand the cause and resolve it. This article dives into the potential reasons behind SASSA Status Check Failed and guides you through the steps to get back on track.

Why Did My SASSA Status Check Fail?

Several factors can contribute to a failed status check:

  • Incorrect or incomplete information: Typos, errors, or missing details during application can lead to verification issues. Double-check your ID number, phone number, bank account information, and other entered data.
  • Means test failure: The SASSA R350 grant is subject to a means test. If your income or financial situation doesn’t meet the eligibility criteria, your application might be declined.
  • Technical glitches: Sometimes, the SASSA website experiences technical issues that can cause verification errors. If you suspect this, try again later or contact SASSA for assistance.
  • Identity verification failure: Your application might fail if SASSA cannot verify your identity against government databases. This could be due to inaccurate information or system errors.

What to Do After a SASSA Status Check Failed:

SASSA Status Check Failed

  • Re-check your information: Carefully review all the details you provided during application. Ensure accuracy and completeness, addressing any typos or missing data.
  • Appeal the decision: If you believe your application was wrongly declined due to incorrect information, consider filing an appeal. SASSA provides guidelines and forms for this process.
  • Contact SASSA: Reach out to SASSA via their toll-free number (0800 601 011) or visit a local SASSA office. Explain the issue and request assistance with verification or understanding the reason for the failure.
  • Wait and try again: Sometimes, technical glitches can resolve themselves. Wait a few hours or a day and try checking your status again.

Additional Tips:

  • Keep all application documents and communication with SASSA organized for future reference.
  • Regularly check the SASSA website and social media for updates and announcements.
  • Be patient and persistent in addressing the issue.

Appeal for Canceled Application

To find out the cause of a failed status, call the SASSA helpline. In the event that it stems from a cancelled SASSA grant, you must act right away. You can ask the DSD to reconsider your case if you think the national agency wrongfully terminated you.

Contact SASSA

If the problem persists, contact the SASSA support team at 0800 60 10 11 or visit your nearest SASSA office for assistance. They can help you identify the issue and provide guidance on the next steps.


In conclusion, navigating a SASSA Status Check Failed can be perplexing, but understanding potential causes and taking proactive steps is key. Verify and correct application details, consider filing an appeal if needed, and contact SASSA for assistance. Patience is crucial, and periodic rechecks may yield positive results. Stay organized, keep communication records, and stay updated on SASSA announcements. For canceled applications, prompt contact with SASSA and a potential appeal process are essential for resolution.

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