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SASSA Reconsideration Application and Status Check 2024

Millions of South Africans rely on SASSA grants for crucial financial support, ensuring basic needs are met and fostering a sense of security. However, navigating the grant system can sometimes lead to applications being declined. Thankfully, SASSA offers a reconsideration process, giving you a second chance to secure your rightful grant. This comprehensive guide equips you with the knowledge and tools to navigate the SASSA Reconsideration Application successfully.

Why Apply for Reconsideration?

Several reasons could lead to your SASSA grant application being declined. The most common include:

  • Incomplete or inaccurate information: Ensuring all details are correct and complete strengthens your case for reconsideration.
  • Missing documents: Providing the necessary documents proves your eligibility and supports your claim.
  • Technical issues: System glitches or errors can affect application processing.
  • Changes in circumstances: If your situation has changed since you initially applied, you can update your information and file for reconsideration.

Remember, reconsideration is your right. If you believe your application was unfairly declined, don’t hesitate to exercise this valuable option.

1st Method of SASSA Reconsideration Application Process

SASSA Reconsideration

You can apply for SASSA Reconsideration online and this process is simple. You need to submit your reconsideration application by providing your ID number, application ID or reference number to have your declined grant reconsidered through the Department of Social Development Republic of South Africa. This method works for all declined grants including SRD reconsideration by following these steps.

  1. To apply for SASSA reconsideration, visit DSD website.
  2. Enter your 13-digit national ID digits in the given field of the South African ID Number of Applicant.
  3. Provide your cell phone contact details in the given field of Phone Number used to Submit your application.
  4. To verify your identity click on the “Send Pin” to send a PIN code for your phone.
  5. You will receive the SASSA OTP Code that you need to enter in the PIN box.
  6. After entering the code you can approach the reconsideration page.
  7. Select the month for which you want to apply for reconsideration and provide your reasons for the declined grant reconsideration.
  8. Submit your reconsideration application and wait for SASSA to respond to your request.

It may take up to 90 working days for the SASSA review procedure to be finished after you submit your application. You will need to provide supporting papers pertinent to your grant type during this waiting time.

2nd Method of SASSA Reconsideration Application Process

SASSA Reconsideration

Understand Your Reason for Denial:

  • SASSA sends a notification explaining the reason for your application’s decline.
  • Carefully review the notification and identify the specific reason.
  • This helps you gather relevant documents and address the specific issue in your reconsideration application.

Gather Required Documents:

  • Prepare all documents initially requested in your original application.
  • Additionally, gather any documents addressing the specific reason for denial.
  • For example, if your income was incorrectly assessed, provide updated payslips or financial statements.

Choose Your Application Method:

  • Online: The SASSA website https://srd.dsd.gov.za/appeals/appeal offers a convenient online reconsideration platform.
  • Access the system using your South African ID number and mobile phone number.
  • Follow the prompts, explain your reason for reconsideration, and upload necessary documents.
  • SASSA Offices: You can visit your nearest SASSA office and submit your application manually with assistance from officials.

Complete the Reconsideration Application Form:

  • Provide clear and concise details explaining your reason for reconsideration.
  • Address the specific issue that led to your initial denial.
  • Be honest and transparent in your communication.
  • Proofread your application carefully before submitting it.

Submit and Track Your Application:

  • Once submitted online, you will receive a confirmation reference number.
  • Use this reference number to track your application status on the SASSA website.
  • If applying at an office, obtain a receipt for your application submission.

Stay Informed:

  • SASSA communicates important updates and deadlines through their website, social media platforms, and SMS notifications.
  • Stay informed to remain aware of any changes or requirements throughout the reconsideration process.

SASSA Reconsideration Status Check

SASSA Reconsideration

After successfully submitting their application for reassessment, applicants must immediately check the progress of their SASSA reassessment online. This procedure guarantees that, within the allotted 90 days for re-evaluations, you will be informed as soon as your grant is examined and granted.

  1. To check your SASSA Reconsideration Status, visit the SASSA Website at https://sassa-statuscheck.net.za/
  2. Select the first tab for “SASSA Status Check Online.”
  3. Enter your South African ID and Phone Number to request your reconsideration status.
  4. Press the “Check Status” button to view your SASSA reconsideration status.

It is vital to verify the progress of your reassessment application after submission. Your status check result will indicate when month your denied grant was reevaluated as well as the amount SASSA paid. This is formally presented in the SASSA system along with your grant application’s unique application ID.

Additional Resources and Tips

  • SASSA Helpline: For assistance with reconsideration or any other queries, call the SASSA toll-free number 0860 106 473.
  • SASSA FAQs: The SASSA website features a comprehensive FAQ section addressing common queries about reconsideration.
  • Legal Aid: If you encounter any difficulties or require legal advice regarding your application, consider seeking assistance from legal aid organizations.

Timeline and Important Dates

  • The specific timeframe for the reconsideration process may vary depending on your grant and the reason for denial.
  • Generally, SASSA aims to respond to reconsideration applications within 60 to 90 days.
  • You will receive a notification informing you of the decision and the reason if your application is successful or unsuccessful.

Reconsideration with Confidence

Remember, applying for reconsideration is your right. By following these steps, gathering the necessary documents, and utilizing available resources, you can navigate the process confidently and increase your chances of securing your rightful SASSA grant. With knowledge, proactive engagement, and a commitment to providing accurate information, you can turn your second chance into a successful outcome.


What are common reasons for SASSA grant denials that warrant a reconsideration application?

Common reasons include incomplete documentation, discrepancies in provided information, or changes in financial circumstances that were not adequately communicated.

When should I apply for reconsideration?

After receiving a notification explaining your SASSA grant application’s decline and If you believe the denial was unfair or due to incomplete information, missing documents, technical issues, or changed circumstances

How long does the reconsideration process take?

Varies depending on the grant and reason for denial, but generally aims for a response within 60 days.
Track your application online with the reference number or obtain a receipt if submitting at an office

What resources are available to help me with reconsideration

SASSA website FAQs and online platform for application.
SASSA toll-free number 0860 106 473 for assistance and updates.
Legal aid organizations if you encounter difficulties or require legal advice

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