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How to Cancel SASSA Grant Online

While SASSA grants provide crucial financial support for many South Africans, circumstances can change, sometimes necessitating cancelling your grant. But worrying about long lines and paperwork shouldn’t be part of the equation. Good news! You can now cancel your SASSA grant online, saving time and hassle.

If your situation changes to the point where you no longer require your SASSA Grant, you may cancel it and donate the funds to people who are in greater need than yourself. After becoming an SASSA beneficiary, this step is crucial to avoid further government penalties and restrictions that could limit your eligibility for government jobs. You must complete an online consent form and submit it as part of this easy process. Your monthly payments will cease as soon as SASSA grants your request to terminate the R350 grant. You can accurately cancel your SASSA Grant by following our guidelines, which will allow the money to be transferred to people who still need financial support.

How to Cancel SASSA Grant Online

Cancel SASSA Grant Online

  1. To Cancel SASSA Grant visit the SASSA Cancellation Portal at srd.sassa.gov.za.
  2. Scroll down the page and click on Cancel My Application TAB.
  3. Click on the yellow button Click Here to Cancel Online.
  4. A new window prompt appears to provide your details to proceed.
  5. Enter your ID number and cell phone number that is registered with your SASSA Grant.
  6. Click on the Send PIN button to receive an SMS with the SASSA OTP Code.
  7. Provide the OTP Code to verify you are the original applicant.
  8. Click on the “Cancel My Grant” button to confirm the prompt message ‘Are you sure to cancel your grant application’
  9. Accept your choice and click ‘Yes’ to cancel your Grant to terminate.
  10. You will receive a confirmation SMS on your cell phone number saying ‘Your request to cancel SASSA Grant has been sent.

How to Cancel SASSA Mobile App

Cancel SASSA Grant Online

  • Download the SASSA mobile app on your smartphone.
  • Log in using your registered credentials.
  • Follow similar steps as the website, navigating to “Manage Grant,” selecting the relevant grant, and choosing “Cancel Grant.”
  • Provide your reason and submit the request.
  • You will receive a confirmation message and tracking number within the app.

Important Points to Remember:

  • Eligibility: Only cancel your grant if your circumstances genuinely no longer require the financial support.
  • Consequences: Understand that cancelling your grant might affect your access to other social services.
  • Documentation: Prepare any supporting documents (e.g., proof of employment, income statements) if required for your specific grant type.
  • Monitor your tracking number or contact SASSA for updates if your request hasn’t been processed within a reasonable timeframe (usually 7-14 days).

Beyond Cancellation:

  • Reapply if needed: Should your circumstances change again, you can always reapply for a SASSA grant through the online platform or by visiting a SASSA office.
  • Stay informed: Regularly check the SASSA website and social media channels for updates on grant procedures and eligibility requirements.


Canceling your SASSA Grant has become convenient with the online process, avoiding long lines and paperwork. Visit the SASSA Cancellation Portal, enter your details, receive and verify the OTP Code, and confirm your cancellation. Ensure eligibility, be aware of potential consequences, and monitor the process using the tracking number provided. If circumstances change, you can always reapply. Stay informed by checking SASSA’s official channels for updates. Simplify your grant management with these straightforward online steps.


Can I cancel my SASSA Grant online?

Yes, the process is now online. Visit the SASSA Cancellation Portal and follow the steps provided

What information do I need to cancel my grant?

You’ll need your ID number and the cell phone number registered with your SASSA Grant for verification

Will canceling my SASSA Grant affect other services?

Understand that canceling your grant may impact access to other social services. Evaluate your decision carefully.

Can I reapply for a SASSA Grant after cancellation?

Yes, if your circumstances change, you can always reapply through the online platform or at a SASSA office.

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