SASSA Card Renewal

With the SASSA Gold Card, more than 48% of beneficiaries get their monthly payments from Cash Pay locations, merchants, SAPO Branches, and ATMs. It is essential to make sure your SASSA Card is renewed on time if it is about to expire or has already passed its expiration date in order to keep receiving your funds.

We are available to help you through the entire online SASSA Card Renewal process. You may be confident that if your SASSA Postbank Gold Card has expired, you will still get your grant money until the end of March 2024, as stated by Post Bank spokesperson Dr. Bongani Diaco.

The SASSA card is a lifeline for many South Africans, providing access to vital social grants. Keeping your card up-to-date ensures uninterrupted flow of these grants, so renewal is crucial. But navigating the process can seem daunting. This guide breaks it down into simple steps:

SASSA Card Renewal Step by Step Guide

SASSA Card Renewal

It is noteworthy that an online platform for SASSA card renewal has not yet been implemented by the South African Post Bank, which is in charge of issuing the SASSA Gold Card. Consequently, in order to start the card renewal process, you will need to physically visit a Post Bank location in your area. We’ve listed the steps below to help you with this process.

  1. Visit your nearest South African Post Bank Office branch.
  2. Bring along your current SASSA card even if it is expired, and a valid form of identification (e.g. ID book, or smart ID card).
  3. Inform the Post Bank officials that you want to renew your SASSA card.
  4. They will assist you with the necessary paperwork and guide you through the renewal process.
  5. You will be handed a form that needs to be filled with the requested details.
  6. Submit your SASSA Card Renewal form and receive your receipt that is used to collect your new card.
  7. After your new SASSA card is issued, you will be notified to collect it from the Post Bank branch or Post Office (SAPO).
  8. You can now make sure to activate your new card following the provided instructions and protect your new card and PIN to keep your account safe.

You can now access your grant money through ATM withdrawals, bank deposits, retail outlets, or the SAPO post office in your community using your renewed SASSA card. You can update your information with Change Banking Details SASSA to change your payment method if necessary.

Check Your Card’s Status:

  • Expired? If your card expired before October 2023, it automatically received an extension and remains valid until further notice. No immediate renewal is needed.
  • Expiring Soon? If your card expires after October 2023, you’ll need to initiate renewal closer to the expiry date.

Renewal Time? Here’s What You Do:

  • Head to Your Nearest Post Office: Currently, SASSA card renewal happens through the South African Post Office (SAPO).
  • Bring Along:
    • Your current SASSA card (even if expired).
    • Valid ID document (ID book or smart ID card).
  • Inform the Officials: Let them know you need to renew your SASSA card.
  • Fill the Renewal Form: They’ll provide a form to fill with updated information like contact details.
  • Biometric Verification: To ensure your identity, you’ll undergo a quick fingerprint scan.
  • Submit and Collect: Submit the completed form and receive a receipt for collection. You’ll be notified when your new card is ready.

Collect Your New Card:

  • Once notified, return to the Post Office with your collection receipt.
  • Collect your new SASSA card and remember to activate it following the provided instructions.

Additional Tips:

  • No Online Renewal: Currently, online renewal is unavailable.
  • No Replacement Cards: Postbank remains the sole issuer of SASSA cards. Any news about replacement cards should come directly from official SASSA or Postbank channels.
  • Stay Informed:¬†Stay updated on SASSA announcements through their website and social media channels for any changes or updates to the renewal process.


The article provides a step-by-step guide for renewing the SASSA Gold Card, emphasizing the importance of keeping the card up-to-date for uninterrupted access to social grants. It clarifies that online renewal is currently unavailable, and individuals must visit a Post Bank branch for the renewal process. The article also reassures beneficiaries that even if their card has expired, they will continue to receive grants until March 2024. Overall, the guide provides clear instructions for card renewal, ensuring recipients can access essential funds seamlessly.


Is online SASSA card renewal available?

Currently, online renewal is not implemented; physical visits to Post Bank branches are required.

What if my SASSA card has expired?

If expired before October 2023, it’s automatically extended. For later expirations, renewal is needed closer to the expiry date.

Can I replace my SASSA card at other institutions?

No, Post Bank is the exclusive issuer of SASSA cards. Any updates will be communicated through official SASSA or Postbank channels.

How do I update my payment method with Change Banking Details SASSA?

Contact SASSA to update your information and change your payment method if necessary.

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