SASSA Referred Status

If you’ve applied for a SASSA grant and encountered the confusing “SASSA Referred Status“, you’re not alone. This article aims to shed light on what this status means, why it happens, and how to navigate towards a positive outcome.

Why SASSA Referred Your Application

Every application is examined by SASSA over a ninety-day period. They thoroughly review your financial data throughout this time to determine your eligibility for the award. Should they require additional details and conduct additional research, your SASSA status will be noted as “referred.”

Understanding the SASSA Referred Status

When your SASSA application shows “Referred”, it signifies that your application has been flagged for further verification due to several reasons. This could be:

  • Internal verification and quality assurance: SASSA randomly selects applications for additional checks to ensure eligibility and prevent fraud.
  • Discrepancies in information: Inaccurate details like ID numbers or phone numbers can trigger a referral.
  • Suspicious activity: Suspected fraudulent activity linked to your information might lead to a referral.

What to Do After Receiving “Referred Status”

SASSA Referred Status

Don’t panic! Here’s what you can do:

  • Contact SASSA: Get in touch with SASSA through their toll-free number (0800 60 10 11) or WhatsApp (082 046 8553). Clearly explain your situation and inquire about the reason for the referral.
  • Gather Documentation: Prepare all relevant documents supporting your application, including IDs, bank statements, proof of income, and residence.
  • Respond promptly: Address any communication from SASSA promptly and provide the requested information accurately.
  • Be patient: Processing times can vary, so be patient and follow up regularly with SASSA for updates.

Additional Tips

  • It’s crucial to apply for the SASSA grant only if you meet the eligibility criteria. Providing false information can lead to disqualification and potential legal repercussions.
  • Regularly review the official SASSA website for updates and announcements related to the application process and status checks.
  • Consider seeking assistance from community organizations or legal aid if you encounter difficulties navigating the process.

What to Do If Your Application Is Referred

SASSA Referred Status

In order for your application to be reviewed and accepted again, you must keep the proper documentation and get in touch with SASSA if you discover that your application has been referred.

Please contact SASSA at 0800 60 10 11 (toll-free number) or 0820 468 553 (SASSA WhatsApp number) to address this and go forward with your case.

Instead of your application ID, which you can supply to clear up any confusion and offer accurate information, you will be asked for your ID number and phone number for verification.

If you have Lost SASSA Reference Number you can immediately get help from SASSA and retrieve your Reference Number, which is unique for your application.


The “SASSA Referred Status” in SASSA applications indicates further verification is needed, possibly due to random checks, discrepancies, or suspicions of fraud. Respond calmly, contacting SASSA for clarification and preparing necessary documents. Patience is key, as processing times vary. Ensure eligibility before applying to avoid disqualification. Stay updated via official channels and seek community or legal aid if needed. To address referral, contact SASSA promptly with ID and phone number for verification. Lost reference numbers can be retrieved through SASSA assistance.

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